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HP 10G SFP+ Optics Solution

Ratified in 2002, 10GbE standard is the same as previous Ethernet standards in almost every aspect, ensuring interoperability with all existing Ethernet technologies. Although 10G technology has been around for many years, its popularity has been slow. Enterprises has been reluctant to migrate to 10GbE within ten years after building out their 1GbE networks. But as virtualization and loud operations develops, 10GbE or higher bandwidth is greatly required. Today, there are a variety of products supporting 10GbE available on the market including the X2, SFP+, SFP+ DAC cable, servers, adapters and switches. And many vendors supply these products. As a representative, HP 10G SFP+ optics has been warmly welcomed by overall users. Therefore, today’s article will mainly introduce HP 10G SFP+ optics to you, especially the JD095C, JD097C and JD092B.
10GbE Makes it Possible
Ratified in 2002, 10G Ethernet standard just like early forms of previous Ethernet technologies can run over various types of fiber optic media including fiber optic media system, DAC cable and twinax-pair media system. 10GbE enables the capability to interoperate with Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) installations, paving the way to extend 10GbE backbones into metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs). At the same time, the 10GbE standard offers the potential to increase the performance and productivity of local area networks (LANs). The following image shows the existing 10G Topology for web-scale data centers including 48 servers/ToR, 3:1 oversubscription and low-cost, thin 4-wire SFP+ DAC cable.
HP SFP+ Optical Transceiver
The current 10GbE standard enables full-duplex 10GbE transmissions over distances up to 300 meters using multimode, 850nm fiber optic cable (SR); up to 10 kilometers (6 miles) using single-mode, 1,310nm optical fiber (LR); and up to 40 kilometers (25 miles) using 1,550nm fiber (ER). From XENPAK, X2 to XFP and SFP+, 10G optical transceiver modules have been developed rapidly to better meet users’ need. Comparing to the other 10G modules, SFP+ has won a larger market share and available on the market with the standard of SR, LR and ER. For instance, HP network has supplies a variety of 10G SFP+ modules with super performance. JD092B is HP 10GBASE-SR SFP+ operating at 850nm for a distance of 300m. Besides 10G SFP+ optical transceivers, SFP+ DAC cables are also indispensable for 10G interconnection application.
10G Copper Direct Attach Cable Solution
SFP+ DAC, or 10GSFP+Cu, is a copper 10GBASE twinax cable which comes in either an active or passive twinax cable assembly and connects directly into an SFP+ housing. SFP+ DAC cable has a fixed-length cable, typically 1 to 7 m (passive cables) in length. And like 10GBASE-CX4, is low-power, low-cost and low-latency with the added advantages of using less bulky cables and of having the small form factor of SFP+. Active optical cables (AOC) can not be neglected if you are talking about DAC cable. 10G AOC cables have the optical electronics already connected eliminating the connectors between the cable and the optical module. Both SFP+ AOC and DAC cable are lower cost than other optical solutions. The most obvious difference between them is that SFP+ AOC cable supports longer distance with a little higher price.
HP SFP+ DAC Cables
As noted before, SFP+ DAC cable today is tremendously popular, with more ports installed than 10GBASE-SR. HP company, established in 1939, is an American multinational information technology corporation. It is aimed at providing hardware, software and service to consumers, small or medium sized business and large enterprises. HP product lines including a vast range of hardwares widely used in printing, digital imaging, software, computing as well as network service. Here is what you should know about the HP 10G DAC cables.
JD095C is HP 10G SFP+ passive direct attach copper twinax cable. The following part lists the detailed information about JD095C.
Connector type: SFP+ to SFP+
Cable type: Passive copper cable
Cable length: 0.65m
Wire AWG: 30AWG
Max data rate: 100Gbqs
JD097C is also a HP 10G SFP+ passive direct attach copper twinax cable but with a longer distance of 3m. The above picture shows the HP JD097C SFP+ passive direct attach cable.
As we enter the 10 gigabit Ethernet era in the data center, we are facing some difficulties regarding cables and optics. But we are happy that we have find a cost-effective solution of SFP+ optical transceiver and DAC cables. HP SFP+ and DAC cables offered by Fiberstore are third-party optical modules. They are fully compatible with HP Switch/Router product line. The cost-effective HP SFP+ Optics are 100% tested before delivered worldwide. We provide HP compatible SFP+ transceivers which can be equivalent to HP J9150A, HP JD095C, HP J9152A, HP JD092B, HP JD097C and so on. If you have any question about our products, please send your request to us.

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