Monday, January 18, 2016

Mellanox Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) Interconnect Solutions

From 3Mbps to the IEEE 802.3ba standard now supporting 40/100G speed, telecommunication field has gone through a huge migration. Let us ignore what has happened in this process, and take a look at the sudden emergence of 40G network, which has far-reaching significance to the user. From the equipment point of view, high-density 40GbE core switch board is the general trend, especially in the field of data center switches. 40G products have currently been mass produced. Many major vendors like Cisco, HP, Juniper and Mellanox have released a large variety of 40G devices including 40G transceiver and 40G cables. Of which Mellanox QSFP+ will be introduced in this article in detail.
Mellanox QSFP+
The Mellanox QSFP+ are part of the end-to-end solution that Mellanox offers, allowing you to create the optimal system using the Mellanox Silicon IC device and building the best planned data centers with Mellanox Cables and Modules and Mellanox systems and Adapters. The QSFP interfaces networking hardware to a fiber optic cable or active or passive electrical copper connection, allowing data rates from 4×10 Gbit/s. In addition to meeting or exceeding InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) and IEEE standards, Mellanox certified modules are well tested on Mellanox equipment to ensure optimal signal integrity and the best end-to-end performance. The following part will describe three types of Mellanox QSFP+ modules.
  • Mellanox QSFP SR4 module uses MTP/MPO connector type to connect an OM3/OM4 fiber cable.
  • Mellanox QSFP SR4E module uses MPO connector type to connect OM3 and OM4 fiber cables.
  • Mellanox QSFP LR4 module uses LC-LC connector type to connect a fiber cable.
MC2210411-SR4 (see in Figure 1) is Compatible Mellanox 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ transceiver over multi-mode fiber (OM3/OM4) with monitoring (DDM/DOM). It can support up to 100 m operating at 850 nm. It is the standard MSA multi-mode transceiver for 10Gigabit Ethernet and 40Gigabit Ethernet with MPO connector.
Mellanox MC2210411-SR4
This 40 Gigabit LR4 QSFP+ transceiver (see in Figure 2) is compatible to Mellanox MC2210511-LR4. It operates on single-mode fiber with a link length of up to 10km with monitoring (DDM/DOM), which is standard MSA single-mode transceiver for 10Gigabit Ethernet and 40Gigabit Ethernet with LC connector.
Mellanox MC2210511-LR4
QSFP+ transceivers are designed to carry Serial Attached SCSI, 40G Ethernet, QDR (40G) and FDR (56G) Infiniband, and other communications standards. QSFP modules increase the port-density by 3x-4x compared to SFP+ modules. Mellanox’s QSFP+ optical transceiver is designed to provide outstanding performance in high bandwidth applications such as FDR InfiniBand and Ethernet, at speeds up to 56Gb/s and reaches up to 30 meters. Each of Mellanox’s 56Gb/s QSFP modules contain four fiber optic transceivers, each operating at data rates of up to 14.0625Gb/s. Rigorous production testing ensures the best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance and durability.
Why Choose Compatible Mellanox QSFP+?
In Fiberstore, innovation never stops. And in order to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of each optics from Fiberstore, a test center has been built with professionally trained staff, advanced test facilities and comprehensive original-brand switches. Our mature, field-proven products enable users to benefit from a far more scalable, lower latency, and virtualized fabric with lower overall fabric costs and power consumption, greater efficiencies, and simplified management providing the best return-oninvestment.
40G products will become the dominant devices of telecom field in the near future. With Fiberstore you have discovered the most trusted source for purchasing new and refurbished equipment. We are committed to provide wide compatible, cost-effective solutions to users. All equipment including Compatible Mellanox QSFP+ modules is guaranteed quality, ready to deploy and backed by warranty. For more detailed information, please contact us directly.

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