Friday, October 9, 2015

Difference Between OS1 and OS2 Fiber Optic Cable

There are two standards for single mode patch cable — OS1 and OS2. The dissimilarity between them is largely a matter of cable construction rather than fiber optic performance. Customers must find their way to see how these cables will improve the functionality of the device. Here is some information related to the differences between the cable construction.
Cable Construction
Category OS1 is recommended for internal tight buffered cable construction, while Category OS2 is recommended for loose tube or blown fiver solution. The loose tube cable is made from optical fiber and gives the best installed performance of 0.4 db per km.
Category OS1 is designed for internal situation where the maximum distance is 2000 meters. This cable type will allow speeds of over one to 10 gigabit Ethernet. However, category OS2 cable is designed for all users where a maximum distance of 5,000 to 10,000 meters, which will also allow a distance of one to 10 gigabit Ethernet.
What Customers Should Know About OS1 and OS2 Cables
Category OS1 cable is designed for indoor use. The cable type is more tolerant of bending (called B1.3). The fiber is more plastic and able to bend plus the buffered cable reduces the risk of catastrophic damage. By contrast, category OS2 cable is designed for outdoor use. This cable type is bend sensitive and thus more likely to break during installment unless care is taken.
OS1 has a greater loss per kilometer than the OS2 outdoor fiber. In general, there is a 1.0 db/km for OS1 compared to 0.4 db/km for outdoor cables. Cables are cheaper with higher loss levels. That’s why many designers prefer OS1 fiber. Slight interoperabilty will be experienced if either the OS1 SM fiber cable or OS2 SM fiber cable is created by splicing or patching. Replacement may be a better option if you decide to incorporate either of these standard fiber optic cable options into your design.
Main Differences Between OS1 and OS2 Cables
From the above description, we knew that the differences between OS1 and OS2 cables are subtle, but the differences should not be ignored in the installment. If you want to know more about how the cables will work perfectly with your particular design, it’s advisable to ask an expert. An expert will help you decide which selection will help you operate at optimally. Under 2 kms, experts recommend that it is valuable to be installed with OS1 cable. OS2 is best for 2 kms and over.
In general, there are no major differences between OS1 and OS2 fiber optic cable. The difference is therefore largely a matter of different cable construction rather than performance. Fiberstore, a professional telecom supplier, offers a large variety of single mode fiber cables. We can also customize products depending on your specific requirements. You are welcomed to contact us for any detailed information or you can visit directly.

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